In soccer you need to be able to sprint full speed, stop on a dime, and go the other direction. If you do not have this ability down pat specific to the demands of soccer (aka not another sport), you will be left in the dust. Even if the best cornerbacks bola tangkas online in the NFL who have tremendous agility were to defend a great dribbler like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, they would be in the ER with broken ankles! (hence the title) Why? Because each sport has unique visual stimuli and movement patterns!

Trademark aspects of agility for soccer include actions such as dribbling and making a cut to elude a defender or changing speed and directions to stay with an opponent defensively. So, how can it be improved? Lets take a closer look shall we- The big question of the hour is…Can the footladder improve soccer agility? Minimally is my answer. World renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin says “the footladder is good at preparing your for the footladder”. While I think there are some benefits related to soccer agility such as balance and coordination from the footladder, the movements of the footladder are just too non-specific to the sport of soccer.

Remember, everything is a tool and it must be used appropriately at the right time. That is the art of coaching. The footladder in my opinion, is a tool that has a very minimal use in the soccer players tool box. Don’t abuse it. For young kids and those struggling with basic coordination then it can be incorporated a little bit more often but for higher level soccer athletes then it serves three purposes

1. Cross training/fitness- time athletes or have them race to complete a pattern. If they miss a square add time or make them fix it mid race. This breeds competitiveness and it is fun.

2. Use single leg patterns to work on low impact plyometrrics and as a means of injury prevention at the knee and ankle.

3. Stimulate nervous system before training or game by forcing athletes to move their feet quickly. However, specific ball work drills can be used as well such as Coerver dribbling.

Good luck and remember, the footladder is NOT the same as soccer agility.