Progress in 3D Printing of Medical Devices

  1. S. Valenzuela-Village

Autonomous University of Cicada Juarez

  1. E. Garcia-Basilicas

Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez

  1. Chapa-Gonzalez

Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez


Organ and tissue transplantation to address injuries and defects is a problem that must be urgently addressed, as there are still difficulties in the process, such as the shortage of donors and the risk of rejection immune. The implantation of artificial organs and tissues suggests a better quality of life in patients, however, a manufacturing technique is required to allow the development of complex structures.

The 3D printing technique offers to solve the current limitations in the development of organs and tissues, as it allows to incorporate cells into bio materials for the regeneration of various biological structures.

This review summarizes the most relevant studies and progress in the development of implants, prostheses and tissue engineering through 3D printing, introduced to the different bio materials used in additive manufacturing, as well as the various printing techniques used in biomedical applications.